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Fleet Managers & Company Car Drivers : Your chance to win a Prize feted by Many but won by Few.

Fleet Managers & Company Car Drivers : Your chance to win a Prize feted by Many but won by Few.
27th September 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Ah, Ancient Rome. The grandeur, the culture, the massive sense of entitlement of the Ancient Romans.

To prove their mastery over all they surveyed, the great Caesars would hold chariot races.  From all over the Empire, charioteers would come to the Circus Maximus, eager to prove their dominion in those vast arenas of dust, noise and heat.

For days they would thunder round; the horses flecked with foam, the air thick with the cries of Patricians and Plebians alike. The cheers and calls were broken only by the crack of the whip, the rumble of the huge wheels and the screams of those unlucky enough to be thrown under those wheels. These unlucky souls would be quickly whisked away by teams of young boys. These young boys would look in awe upon the successful charioteers, dreaming of the day when they too would be able to don the leather armour and metal helmets of those most valiant of men.

And as the sun finally came down upon the festival, only one charioteer would be triumphant. This man would be borne aloft upon the shields of the conquered, up, up, up to the hallowed seating place of the Caesar. There he would receive his prize.

A prize valued beyond all others. A prize immortalised in song. A prize so rare that he would only have to show it to have flagons of wine brought to his table, to have women falling at his feet, to have men crowding him and begging for a chance to see such a rare thing and to hear the tale of its winning. Yes, he would win the rare and fabled Furryus Diceius.

Now, you too can win this most awesome of prizes.  Simply follow us on twitter and RT the competition tweet that you see on our twitter timeline.  We’ll be choosing one brave charioteer retweeter at random once a week and they will win a great set of Furry Dice.

The story they tell of how they won such a prize is up to them 😉


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