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Fleet Management – How to REALLY save money and save time : Free advice & tips

Fleet Management – How to REALLY save money and save time : Free advice & tips
18th October 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Saving Money and Time on Fleet Management and Company Cars


Here at RunYourCars we have a Mission Statement guiding us in all that we do. In an effort to explain more fully to those of us who don’t know us, we’ve picked out two relevant points to expand upon.



Bring to the fleet market a portfolio of quality products and services that anticipate and satisfy customer’s desires and needs.



Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, so that together we create mutual, enduring value.


We have built up years of experience in the Automotive and Fleet Management sector; we aim to know what you want for running your company cars and want to help you achieve that. We work to make you savings that smaller fleets wouldn’t normally achieve; we do that by negotiating on your behalf for great deals. To further this we welcome input from you – what are the things that would make running a company car fleet easier for you?

We partner with the largest names in the sector to make sure that you get a quality product and service from the minute you sign up. It all adds up to us buying services on behalf of thousands of vehicles and smaller fleets reaping the rewards. At the amazingly low cost of £5 per vehicle per month, we want to ensure as many fleet managers as possible are benefiting from our cost savings.

We hope that we can help you in all your Fleet Management needs, and would love to hear from you – please feel free to leave a comment on the blog with ideas and suggestions as to what would be useful for you, and follow us on Twitter for loads of tips and advice.


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