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What Fleet Managers need to know about fleet management software

What Fleet Managers need to know about fleet management software
2nd September 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Software requirements


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When choosing fleet management software it pays to be well prepared so that you end up with the right solution for your fleet managers and their teams.

Steve Whitmarsh of Run Your Fleet, says: “The benefits from these types of fleet software are many – and they fall broadly into these key areas: financial savings, less time spent on fleet administration, and comfort to any business in terms of improved levels of fleet legislative compliance.

I believe all fleet managers, irrespective of the size of their fleet, will find an advantage to their business with the right fleet software in place.”

When it comes to asking the questions that will help you make an informed decision, a wise starting point is to write a specification and check how the fleet software product you are looking at compares.


Fleet software features

You should also ask your fleet software provider to talk through additional benefits it may offer,  such as the ability to negotiate deals on all your “consumables” like tyres, windscreens and servicing.

Some software systems include extras – Run Your Fleet offers things like complimentary breakdown and accident management services for instance. When your considering the options, it’s important you’re fully aware of everything that the fleet management system offers.

What other questions are important when Fleet Managers investigate fleet software solutions?



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