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Fleet management breakdown : recovery fleet management

Fleet management breakdown : recovery fleet management
6th May 2015 Run Your Fleet Blog


An RAC breakdown assistance van on a call out

Safety first – motorway driving


Six out of ten deaths on motorways involve a stationary vehicle. It seems breaking down on the motorway comes with a health warning.

In the event of a breakdown, it can be hard, and often dangerous, to stop, especially if you happen to breakdown on a SMART motorway. With your life on the line, there is no time to hang around for the motorway control to come and remove your car. Having a reliable breakdown cover is a must. With a good fleet management membership, you’ll get full breakdown cover provided by the AA or another provider, as well as accident management services. You can never be sure where or when you’re going to break down, so it’s worth being well prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so we’ve rounded up our top tips for motorway safety in the event of a breakdown. 

Preparation is everything

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘expect the unexpected’ before.  The unexpected happens more often than we might like! The only way we can successfully navigate the perils of the unexpected is by being prepared. It’s advisable to keep a high visibility jacket, waterproof outerwear and a charged mobile phone in your vehicle. Being stuck on the hard shoulder of a motorway is not a pleasant experience. However, knowing that a simple phone call can help you resolve your problem as quickly as possible is priceless.

Prevention is better than cure

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape is the best way to reduce the risk of breaking down. Get into the habit of making regular checks, and make sure that your regular servicing is covering everything it should. For fleet managers it’s a key consideration – how best to keep your fleet of cars in tip top condition without running up bills and breaking the budget. A good fleet management membership will give you access to savings on tyres, vehicle servicing and windscreens that are normally reserved for those running fleets with hundreds of cars, so be sure to check out the fleet management system options for your business.

Get out of the car!

If you are in the event of a breakdown, warn other drivers by using your hazard warning lights and pull on to the hard shoulder and stop as far to the left as possible with the wheels turned to the left. The AA advise you get out of the vehicle by the left-hand door and make sure that all your passengers do the same. If you have reflective jackets in the vehicle – wear them. Keep well away from the carriageway and hard shoulder and ensure children are kept under supervision – it’s best to retreat up the bank, or behind a barrier if this is possible. 

Talk to our experts

We hope you find our breakdown advice useful. If you want more information about our fleet management systems, take a look at our website or contact our specialists and we’d be delighted to help.



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