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Fleet Management Expert – Getting Your Cars Ready for Winter | Multifleet
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Fleet Management Expert – Getting Your Cars Ready for Winter

Fleet Management Expert – Getting Your Cars Ready for Winter
21st September 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Management : Keep Your Cars on the Road in Winter


Remember last December and this January?  Horrific winter conditions meant drivers were stranded miles from home and 15 minute journeys were taking 3 hours. John Lewis even let customers stay the night in their bed department conditions were so bad.  Some bus companies ran their buses all night on major routes just to keep the roads open. Schools, shops and offices were closed and transport was non-existent.

We were reminded of this when we saw this press release from Peugeot.

With snow conditions in recent winters becoming increasingly severe, Peugeot has proved its 3008 Crossover with Grip Control is more than up to the job of keeping motorists safe in snowy conditions by becoming the first two wheel drive car to scale the one-in-three steep ski slope at the Snowdome in Tamworth, the UK’s original indoor snow-covered ski slope.

While the Snowdome has been scaled by four wheeled drive cars clad with tyres specifically designed for snow, the standard 3008’s success was purely down to the advanced technology available in the multi-award winning family car.

James Smith, Operations Manager at Tamworth’s Snowdome, who drove the 3008 up the slope, said: “I was totally astounded at its ability.  The 3008 felt totally at home on the slope, more so in fact than some 4x4s that I’ve driven.  It made relatively light work of the slope and that is no mean feat.”


That’s impressive. How ready are you for this winter?  Even this week we have seen news stories saying that it could be snowing as early as October this year.

Prepare Your Company Cars

Make sure that all your cars and drivers are prepared for driving in these adverse conditions.

  • Do your company car drivers need any extra training? Provide this as soon as possible.
  • Check your fanbelts, windscreen wipers and radiator (including all hoses) for signs of wear or damage and replace if necessary.
  • Clean and check the cooling system of the cars and replace the antifreeze. Check the screenwash is topped up and additives put in to stop it freezing.
  • Check all tyres are correctly inflated and that the spare is present and also correctly inflated
  • Is the on-car maintenance kit fully stocked and in the car?
  • Batteries run down quicker in cold weather so ensure that regular long journeys or a trickle charge keeps it fully charged.
  • Should you invest in snow chains or winter tyres?
  • Ask all drivers to keep an emergency kit in the car with them. It should contain
    • Jump leads
    • Cat litter,sand or old carpet to place under the tyres for traction
    • Shovel and ice scraper
    • Warm clothes, sturdy boots, food and water. Some blankets in case the car is stranded overnight.
    • Torch and First aid kit
    • Mobile phone
  • Don’t run the engine to keep warm.
Good preparation should ensure that your fleet of company cars stays on the road this winter. If circumstances mean that this is not the case then the training and advice you give to your company car drivers will mean that they know what to do and should hopefully keep disruption to a minimum.


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