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Fleet Management and Company Car Issues -Winter Is Coming

Fleet Management and Company Car Issues -Winter Is Coming
14th October 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Make sure that your company car fleet is ready for winter


Not wanting to come over all Ned Stark* about it, but Winter Is Coming. Companies and individuals are making preparations already, as this article from Automotive Industry Digest illustrates


VALUES of 4×4 vehicles have already started to rise and will climb further as winter weather takes hold, with severe conditions predicted across much of the UK, says BCA.


September saw the value of four wheel drives begin to climb sharply, with prices now getting close to those seen in January and February this year. The average value for all 4x4s sold by BCA in September rose to £12,805 from £12,509 in August and £10,381 in July.


September recorded the second highest average 4×4 value so far this year and there is every indication that values will rise further in the colder months ahead, according to the auction giant.


We all remember last year, when for almost a week it was only the 4 x 4 drivers who were getting anywhere. What proportion of company cars in your fleet are 4x4s? Even if there is a high proportion, do you really want your company car drivers out in those conditions?

Preparation for winter is key; make sure your company cars are prepared for winter and also that your drivers have been given full risk management training. Both will be worth it in the long run.


*if you didn’t watch, or haven’t read Game of Thrones then this means nothing to you and we apologise 🙂 Ned Stark was the main character and his family motto, which he uttered repeatedly, was Winter Is Coming .






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