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Less well off are walking away from their cars – is this affecting you as a business?

Less well off are walking away from their cars – is this affecting you as a business?
18th November 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Are you getting lowest prices on running your fleet?

Interesting article, although not entirely surprising, over on on how rising costs across car ownership are affecting those who can afford to own a car – is this affecting you as a business with your fleet?

Clearly, the increasing cost of motor tax, especially on fuel is a primary issue here. Chancellor George Osborne has recently been urged by the AA to go back to the previous system – where fuel duty was set on an annual basis. But how does this translate for business?

Although personal car owners can give up their vehicle by making changes to their lifestyle ( and if it’s a second car in the family, maybe that’s easier to do), this is not always an option for fleet car owners. It comes down to a review of how you are using your fleet cars and whether you are running your fleet at the lowest possible cost, I guess.

After all, if you’re using company vehicles to make deliveries, this is an essential part of your offer. Similarly if you operate a sales force, they will need company cars to make their visits and appointments – how easy is it to re-think how that happens??

Perhaps it’s less relevant to think about giving up company cars – and more salient to think about saving costs on running your fleet, ensuring you have the lowest cost breakdown service and the cheapest tyres, windscreens & servicing? How do you ensure you are buying at the best prices for your company vehicle fleet?

You can read the full article on how rising costs are affecting car users here.


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