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Running A Company Car Fleet – Breakdown Services

Running A Company Car Fleet – Breakdown Services
11th January 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Getting the most from your breakdown cover

No matter which car tops the list for reliability, breakdown cover is a must. Breakdown cover is essential in running a company car fleet – every car off the road is lost time, lost money and lost opportunities.  With more companies than ever offering more choices how do you decide which offers the right cover for you yet still keep your costs down?

First of all, check what all the companies are offering and see what services you will actually need.

Roadside assistance and garage vehicle recovery for your company cars are the absolute basics, but you should also have onward travel so that your employees aren’t stranded. Weigh up the benefits as well of At Home breakdown cover – not having this could be a false economy.

If your employee has arranged their own breakdown cover – through their bank or home insurance – or they are a grey fleet driver, make sure that you have a copy of their breakdown cover on file. If for any reason you have to arrange assistance you will need the reference numbers to quote.

Are your employees trained on what to do if they break down?

If your employees drive company cars overseas for business, then you will need to arrange Full European Cover.

Other things that you will have to take into consideration are how many patrols the service has, what garages do they use, will they offer Priority Rescue for any vulnerable employees?

Consult the Fleet Management Experts members receive Roadside Assistance, Recovery and At Home breakdown cover, meaning whether your team needs support to get to work in the morning or while out on company business, we can ensure you can get to where you need to be.

Provided by the RAC, we offer a dedicated business breakdown centre, manned 24 hour a day and more than 2,000 patrols– more than any other organisation.



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