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Top Tips for Winter Driving! How to avoid the Big Freeze in your car this Winter…

Top Tips for Winter Driving! How to avoid the Big Freeze in your car this Winter…
20th January 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog
tips for fleet managers driving cars in winterOkay, so I know we didn’t get a shed load of snow over Christmas, and I’m sure, like me, you’re disappointed that you didn’t get to dig out the sledges and toboggans over Christmas, BUT you and I both know, it won’t belong before Jack Frost comes a-calling and the mornings are not complete without a balaclava and a kettle of warm water to clear the windscreen!! (I know, I know, you shouldn’t do it, but at T minus 2mins to school time, it happens in our household …)
So, with that in mind some timely reminders from the AA in their article on winter driving advice  – let’s start with Antifreeze!

Why use antifreeze in my car?

  • Antifreeze costs only a few pounds, but a frozen and cracked engine block will cost hundreds of pounds to repair.
  • Most modern cars use long-life antifreeze – it’s important to use the right type and avoid mixing different types.  Check the handbook or ask a dealer for advice.
  • Glycol-based antifreeze should be changed at least every two years.
  • You need a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water in the cooling system for winter. This gives maximum protection down to -34° centigrade, and without it, severe engine damage costing hundreds of pounds can occur.
So – simples! It’s low cost, it’s effective and to be frank,  you’re taking unnecessary risks without it in place.




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