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Winter Driving tips for company car fleets: Preparing cars for ice and snow.

Winter Driving tips for company car fleets: Preparing cars for ice and snow.
28th January 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Preparing cars for ice and snow



Preparing cars for ice and snow

It’s been a wet rather than icy winter so far, but it always pays to plan ahead. For Fleet Managers looking for advice on preparing company cars for ice and snow here are a few tips.


Car batteries will run down their charge quicker in cold weather than it will in warmer times. Regular long journeys will keep it charged, or you could carry a battery charger for emergencies.


If you are unable to fit winter tyres, consider snow chains. Tyres for driving in snow and ice should have at least 3mm of tread and be inflated to the correct psi


Topped up screenwash, correctly concentrated, will prevent the screenwash from freezing.


Snow should be cleared from the windscreen and roof of the car before setting off to prevent any tank-commander style gaps in the windscreen!


If your car locks have frozen, you can briefly heat up the car keys with a lighter. WD-40 can prevent the locks freezing over.

Winter driving must haves

If you will be driving in ice and snow, put together a pack to keep on the back seat or in the boot. It should contain:

  • Spare clothes for layering.
  • Food, including chocolate and biscuits.
  • Warm clothes, including hat, scarf, gloves and winter boots.
  • A fully charged mobile phone
  • Carpet or cat litter for traction under tyres.
  • Blanket for warmth and a spare blanket for the windscreen to prevent it icing over.

Tips for preparing cars for ice and snow

These are only a few tips; we are sure that you have more that you’d like to share with us. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments section or tweet us on @RunYourFleet. We always love to hear from our readers.










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