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7 of the best tips for effective fleet management

7 of the best tips for effective fleet management
9th July 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

tips for effective fleet management

The 7 most effective fleet management skills

The success of British cycling and the dominance of British rowers over the past few years proves that small effective changes can bring big results. Making small changes in fleet management can also lead to big improvements, big savings, and a real boost to effective fleet management.

Knowing the best choices between buy and lease

For many fleet managers and those looking after company fleets deciding whether to buy or lease vehicles would be the first fleet management issue that they had to face.

For many fleet managers, leasing company vehicles can save both money and time over purchasing the vehicles outright.  Regularly reviewing costs and any savings that can be made between leasing and purchasing company vehicles will pay dividends to fleet managers.

Allocating the correct resources

Are the correct vehicles being allocated? If a driver regularly does the most miles, it makes sense for them to be allocated the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the fleet. Small fuel savings definitely add up over time!

Checking Fleet Management Compliance

Not being compliant on fleet legislation can cost your company in terms of off-the-road costs and in the worst case can be very expensive in terms of fines for non-compliance. Being up-to-date on the current legislation, and passing on the importance of these to drivers, will help the company.

Keep on top of the costs

Fuel costs, services costs, and all the costs associated with running a fleet can mount up. Identify areas of waste, or contracts that can be renegotiated to save money. Keeping on top of fluctuating costs is key, as money saved in one area can soon be lost by rising costs in another.

Look at your fleet cycles

For fleets using leased vehicles, savings can be made in monthly costs by extending the lease cycle. Monthly payments on four year cars will be cheaper than those on three, without a noticeable dip in performance. Savings made in this area have to be balanced against any increased costs in servicing, tyres, etc.

Buying the best software available.

The days of trying to balance your fleet costs on spreadsheets have gone. Specialist fleet management software will allow those in charge of fleets to manage the fleet policy, keep control of costs, and manage fleet compliance.

Using telematics

Telematics and vehicle tracking are an impressive addition to the Fleet Manager’s range of tools, and one that many are taking full advantage of – to the benefit of their bottom line. Are you using these systems in your fleet management?

Effective Fleet Management

Whether a company looks after their fleet in-house, or outsources looking after the company fleet to a specialist fleet management company, making these small improvements will be visible on your bottom line.

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