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Fleet Management Experts – It's Good To Stick Together

Fleet Management Experts – It's Good To Stick Together
2nd November 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog


Looking for bigger discounts from suppliers?


We read this Fleet News article with interest. Richard Flint, North Yorkshire Police Head of Transport and National Association of Police Fleet Managers,  says;

Fleets in the private sector could follow the example of bluelight fleets by pooling their resources to secure bigger discounts from suppliers.

Here at RunYourCars it’s no surprise that we agree with this wholeheartedly. Run Your Cars buys products and services for thousands of vehicles on behalf of companies across the UK, and we can buy at prices that they would never be able to negotiate themselves. So whether they have 2 vehicles or 202, they benefit from discounts normally reserved for those companies running the largest fleets.

Fleet Management Savings are out there

At a time when businesses are cutting costs across the board, it makes sense to investigate all avenues of saving. Pooling resources to negotiate deals on all aspects of fleet management not only frees up capital; it frees up staff who no longer have to spend the time collating information from suppliers to make sure that they are getting a great deal.

The discounts on goods and services required by company cars are there and we think that they should be enjoyed by all companies running company cars.

The country’s 52 police forces is now working with the other emergency services to further boost its buying power; the result is “massive discounts” by putting business with one supplier such as tyres and glass repair.

Coming together in negotiations for fleet management and company car services can only bring benefits to the bottom line. Why pay more for fleet services when you don’t have to?



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