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Fleet Management – is car leasing going to save you money on company cars?

Fleet Management – is car leasing going to save you money on company cars?
16th January 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Lease Cars – part of your Company Car Fleet?


With most companies looking to make savings in all areas of their business, fleet costs are being examined closely by fleet managers.  One way in which savings are being made is through Contract Hire and Leasing Vehicles.  The BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) have commented on this.


With growing numbers of manufacturers either returning or increasing their allocation to the rental market, this year will see a greater choice of newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles for car hire customers, says the BVRLA


… we hope that more organisations will take the brave step of tackling the cost-inefficiencies and safety threat posed by their grey fleet, which would also give a boost to the rental sector.

Full article from Automotive Industry Digest 

Using Contract Hire and Car Leasing to tackle the headaches that can be caused by employees using Grey Fleet Cars can be good business sense.  Contract Hire and Car Leasing eliminates any administration and insurance issues that could be caused by employees using grey fleet cars.

With many special deals available, have you considered Contract Hire or Car Leasing for your Company Fleet? Is the administration side of things cumbersome if you run a grey fleet?



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