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Fleet Managers – Does the driving test need to be changed?

Fleet Managers – Does the driving test need to be changed?
1st February 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Company Vehicles Driving on Rural A Roads


Safety of Rural A-Roads


IAM research shows that 82 per cent of rural fatal and serious casualties are on single carriageway roads compared with just 18 per cent on motorways and dual carriageway roads

This statistic has spurred the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to renew their previous calls on the government to make driving on single carriageway A roads a mandatory part of the driving test.

While new drivers are schooled in manoeuvres which allow them to pass a driving test; many situations encountered on rural A roads such as high speed cornering, right hand turns after the brow of a hill, blind bends and especially overtaking aren’t covered.

The IAM arent the only ones concerned; many new drivers also feel unsure and unprepared for these conditions after passing their test.  This  could impact on their ideas of driver risk management.

Only 52.3 per cent of recently passed drivers reported positively on feeling fully prepared for driving on their own

IAM chief executive Simon Best said:

“Driver and rider error is a contributory factor in two thirds of accidents. We can only improve our cars and roads so far. The challenge now is to improve the humans that drive them, to continue our outstanding record of road safety.”

Although this is not an issue which affects existing company vehicle drivers it affects future company vehicle drivers. The better prepared drivers are for all conditions the less companies will have to spend on training.

What’s your opinion on the current driving test? Does it adequately prepare drivers for all conditions?



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