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Fleet Management Digest – News and Stories from the Automotive Industry

Fleet Management Digest – News and Stories from the Automotive Industry
9th March 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Stories from the RunYourFleet Blog


Fleet News Awards Finalist Best New Product or Service

The big news for RunYourFleet this month - Fleet News Awards Finalist Best New Product or Service


Have you missed any stories from our RunYourFleet Blog ? We’re going to give you a quick digest of the latest news from us here in one place – ideal for busy Fleet Managers!

First, of course, has to be the news from the Fleet News Awards that RunYourFleet are finalists in the Best New Product or Service Category.

It was a happy day in the RunYourFleet office when we found out that we had made the shortlist for the Best New Product or Service Award. We strive to provide a fantastic product  to our customers and to be able to do that, and be recognised not just by the new customers signing up to RunYourFleet, but by Fleet News Awards as well – well, we’re very pleased! Thanks Fleet News!

We also discussed in our blog  the news from Bristol and Nottingham that parking at work should be considered a benefit.

Employees would rightly argue that a parking spot at their place of work should not be classed as a benefit. Employers believe that a levy on ground that they own or lease and use for parking should not be brought in at all.

The whiplash backlash was also talked about – and this is obviously a story that resonates with a lot of people. We weren’t the only ones discussing it – it was talked about in newspapers, radio, blogs and by politicians.

With Fleet Managers trying to cut costs to meet other rising prices in fuel etc, how long can these increases be acceptable. Should car insurance companies be challenging these claims more often to make it clear that they are unacceptable?

Like millions of people up and down the country, we are looking forward to the Olympics this summer. How will the increase in road traffic expected during the Olympics affect Company Fleets?

It’s not only London that is affected. With Olympic venues ranging from Glasgow to Portland, traffic will increase in these areas of the country.  Olympic Traffic Planning Consultation meetings are already in place for Olympic Venues around the country with businesses encouraged to attend and have their say.

We’ve also been chatting about various news stories on our RunYourFleet Facebook page.  Join in and let us know what you’d like to talk about.

What has been the biggest Fleet Management story recently in your opinion?




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