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Fleet Management – RunYourFleet Facebook Digest

Fleet Management – RunYourFleet Facebook Digest
15th March 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Facebook News Stories


Have you seen the RunYourFleet Facebook page? Here’s a quick rundown on some  of the stories that we have featured this week.

  • Volvo have fitted the world’s first pedestrian airbag (via Autoblog)

As safety experts point out, the idea that an impact by itself kills people is a slight misconception. The critical factor is the rate of deceleration…Anything that reduces the rate of deceleration, like an airbag or a deforming bonnet, increases the chances of survival.

How do you look from behind?  Not you personally of course, but your car. Recent studies have found that around 11% of drivers in the UK are driving around with a broken brake light.

It is a timely reminder to check if brake lights and headlights are all working fine. And the cost of checking? Well that’s free.

  • Tax bills for drivers of low emission company cars are set to increase by up to 50% from April 6, 2012 (via is4profit)

Steve Whitmarsh, managing director of specialist SME fleet management services provider Run Your Fleet, said:

“The cost increases will apply to all company cars on the road that are available for private use, not just cars ordered or delivered from the start of the 2012-13 tax year on April 6.”

  • Top Gear shared a photo story on the history of Aerodynamics (via Top Gear Magazine)

Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion prototype ensured a low-drag plan view by using a single rear wheel to steer and a mid-mounted Ford V8. Very unstable, though

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