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The Next Step in Electric Cars: Solar Powered Cars!

The Next Step in Electric Cars: Solar Powered Cars!
13th November 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Are we ready for Solar Powered Cars?


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Just when we thought electric cars couldn’t get any more eco friendly, they did.  Someone came up with the idea of solar powered electric cars. Elon Musk the founder of Telsa, an electric car designer and manufacturer said he sees a future where electric cars are run on solar powered electricity. He spoke regarding this at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas where he expressed his concern on sustainable energy  and said without it we will face a massive economic collapse.

Although using electric cars is a lot better for our environment than using fuel run vehicles, Mr Musk believes there is a better option of using good old sunshine to power our motors. However using solar panels will require space, but Mr Tusk has already thought this through. He said “If you took just a small section of US, a 100 miles by 100 miles corner of Utah or Nevada and carpeted it with high efficiency panels you could supply the electricity for the whole United States”. Wow!

One solar powered car user has said “I’ve been driving an all electric Nissan Leaf for 8 months, powered 100% by solar panels on my roof. I have a Tesla Signature Performance model coming in October. I will never buy another gas powered car ever again. The future is now and Mr. Musk is correct. We are fortunate to have the voice of Elon Musk to help bring the electric car into the mainstream. It is true, Solar will lead the way.”

“Not buying gas is saving me $3000 a year and the solar panels cover the $500 a year to charge the Leaf. It’s a no brainer for me. No gas, no coal; just free, clean sunshine.”

Electric cars sales have not seen quite the success in the UK as they have in America, but things are definitely picking up. We wonder how the UK might feel  about the solar powered option?

Mr Musk is now Chairman of SolarCity, a solar business installing solar panels for homes and businesses all over America. We think this is an exciting new venture and wish Mr Musk all the best of luck on his quest to turn us all into solar powered motorists!


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