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2013 Nissan Van Report – Fleet Manager Vans Research

2013 Nissan Van Report – Fleet Manager Vans Research
17th September 2013 Run Your Fleet Admin

Fleet Management Vans

Successful Fleet Managers

This is quite an interesting infographic from Nissan. Fleet Managers were surveyed on popular fleet management issues and the results are in – what do they tell us about the habits of successful fleet managers?

Using Telematics in fleet vehicles

75% of fleet managers surveyed are employing fuel saving techniques – and of those, 35% are fitting a telematic device. When questioned about the preferred features that they would like as part of their fleet, the second most popular feature requested by fleet managers was tracking.

More controls in Fleet Vehicles

Of the fleet managers who advocated more controls as part of their fleet management, 48% are in favour of telematics devices.

Benefits of tracking and telematics

Fleet Managers can enjoy a wide range of benefits from using a tracking and telematic device

  • See how vehicles are being driven
  • Feedback to drivers to save costs and manage risks
  • Keep aware of and offer training on –
  • Speeding events
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Driving without a break
  • Long driving hours

On-line tracking and telematics

Online tracking and telematics services are easily available and convenient to use – they offer a range of benefits to fleet managers

  • Control of your fleet is available at your fingertips on-line 24hrs a day through our on-line system.
  • See where vehicles are, and where they’ve been in real time.
  • See how vehicles are being driven.
  • Run reports and league tables on driver behaviour, fuel usage, and real time running costs
  • Download reports or schedule reports to be emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Fleet Managers Infographic

Tracking and telematics are powerful tools to support fleet managers, operators and drivers. They can help fleet managers save money with effective fuel management, identify areas for improvement and staff training for fleet drivers.

Have you used fleet tracking or telematics within your fleet? Would you agree with the benefits outlined here and what benefits would you add to the list?


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