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Geneva Motor Show – what's there for Fleet Managers and fleets?

Geneva Motor Show – what's there for Fleet Managers and fleets?
10th March 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Geneva Motor Show 2014

Geneva Motor Show 2014


The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most popular and hotly-anticipated events on the automotive calendar.  The innovations in engines and vehicles will soon make their way to fleet cars and vehicles. The show is always a great mix of technology, production cars and concept cars. So what caught the reporters’ attention at this year’s show?

The Telegraph – Five cars to see at the Geneva motor show 2014

Rebecca Jackson in The Telegraph named her five star cars of the Geneva Motor Show. Included in her choice was the Lamborghini Huracan.

“Like the bigger Aventador, the Huracan sits on a carbon-fibre chassis. It is a replacement for the Gallardo which, with more than 14,000 examples sold, is Lamborghini’s most successful ever model. Power comes from a V10 engine, which pumps out 610bhp, driven to the road through all four wheels and enough to get the Huracan from 0-62mph in 3.2sec and a top speed of 202mph.”

Not exactly a car for the standard fleet – unless you are driving a car in the Dubai Police Fleet– but we can all dream!

AutoExpress  – Best cars at Geneva Motor Show 2014

The team at AutoExpress all chose their top cars at the Geneva Motor Show, and their choices cover the range of the cars shown.  James Disdale chose the quirky Citroen Cactus.

“At the heart of the C4 Cactus’ appeal is its eye-catching styling, which blends tough SUV styling cues with plenty of novel details, such as padded door protectors, pop-out rear windows and high-mounted LED running lights. There’s just as much interest inside, where you’ll find comfy bench seats, plenty of handy storage and hi-tech digital displays. More importantly, the C4 Cactus proves Citroen has finally rediscovered its flair for innovation and trend-setting style.”

BBC – Geneva Motor Show: Electric cars no longer the exception?

Theo Leggett of the BBC looked at the rise of electric cars and hybrids from a business point of view.

“A decade ago, hybrids were still a fairly unusual sight at the big international motor shows. Now, under pressure from regulators around the world, carmakers have been working hard to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. So hybrids have become decidedly mainstream.”

MSN Cars – The best concept cars at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Everyone loves a good concept car. Buried in the futuristic styles there is usually a nugget of something that will make it into production. MSN Cars picked their selection of the best concept cars at Geneva.

” Honda Civic Type R Concept.  Although the Civic Type R Concept is still officially that – a concept – it’s almost certainly not all that far from being the finished production car. And if the final version of Honda’s new hot hatch is even halfway as outlandish as this, it’ll win every traffic light Grand Prix before the lights have even gone green – it really does look that fast. In fact, that double decker rear wing, which incorporates part of the ear light clusters into its uprights, is enough to justify the Type R’s inclusion in our list of favourite concept cars all on its own.”

Autocar – Geneva motor show 2014: Top five production cars

Autocar picked their choice of the best cars heading to the showrooms.

“Ford Focus. The Ford Focus is the last Blue Oval to adopt the firm’s modern styling. According to Ford, it’s the deepest ever mid-cycle re-fresh applied to the car firm’s best-seller since the Focus was launched in 1998. The full range of engines on the new mid-size hatch now meet EU6 regulations, including its new 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrols, with 148bhp and 177bhp power outputs respectively”

What’s new at the Geneva Motor Show?

What was your favourite car or innovation from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show?



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