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Ford Focus review – Fleet Car Review Roundup

Ford Focus review – Fleet Car Review Roundup
13th October 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin


Reviews of the Ford Focus Fleet Car 2014


Ford Focus Review


The Ford Focus remains one of the most popular fleet cars in the UK today. Its combination of practicality, good running costs, reasonably stylish looks and good drive make it popular with fleet managers and business drivers alike. The Ford Focus has recently taken the title of its larger cousin the Ford Mondeo to become the most popular car in the UK today. We thought that was an excellent reason to take a look at Ford Focus reviews and see what advantages and disadvantages there are to having the Ford Focus at the core of your fleet.


Fleet News – There are Better Alternatives

Fleet news’ manager focused review of the Ford Focus fleet car offered only a lukewarm reception. While acknowledging that the car’s low CO2 emissions placed it in a pleasantly low tax bracket it pointed out that it is not a particularly pleasant way of covering long distances.

“Ford is targeting fleets with a broader low-CO2 offering in the Focus range and catching up with the growing range of sub-100g/km medium cars on the market. But, for all its foibles, is it worth living with the Focus for its combined fuel consumption figure of 76.4mpg? If driver enjoyment is high up on your wish list than the Focus is worth considering, but there are much better all-rounders available.”

What Car – an Excellent All-Rounder

What Car’s more driver oriented review was rather keener on the Ford Focus. The review praised the Ford Focus fleet car’s performance and handling, describing them as “best in class”. It was slightly less impressed by the space and practicality offered by the car, criticising the boot as small

“Ford has a real knack for producing sweet-handling cars, and the Focus continues this trend. Strong grip and solid body control make it feel wonderfully agile in bends, while the super-accurate steering weights up progressively the faster you go. The ride is pretty good, too, although, it isn’t as smooth as a VW Golf’s.”

Top Gear – Another Step Forward

Top Gear’s opinion slots somewhere in between the two reviews above. The reviewer acknowledges that the Focus remains a good, practical car but worries that it has lost the edge that made the first and second generations such good cars to drive.

“The latest version of Ford’s brilliant mid-price hatch is the model tasked with taking the Focus global. This means it’s been designed with an international market in mind, and, as such, it has lost some of the dynamic vim and vigour that made the last two generations so special.”

Do you drive a Ford Focus fleet car? What has your long-term experience been? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to share your opinions with our drivers.




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