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Best cars for motorway driving

Best cars for motorway driving
23rd December 2014 Run Your Fleet Blog

What are the best cars for motorway driiving?


What are the best cars for motorway driving?


A question that we’re asked quite often is what is the best car in the UK? The answer is, it depends. The number of factors to consider when deciding the best car for you is huge.Will you be driving alone most of the time or will you have passengers? Will you be driving around town or on motorways. Many of our fleet management customers cover vast distances in their cars so it’s important that the cars they drive are comfortable and fully equipped for a long journey, they’re looking for the best cars for motorway driving.

Thankfully there’s no shortage of options to consider. In this blog post we’ve covered some of our recent favourite cars for motorway driving but we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Consider Diesel

In efficiency terms diesel cars come into their own on long motorway drives. The price of diesel is currently around 6p per litre above that of regular unleaded petrol but, if you’re driving more than about 14,000 miles a year there are still clear efficiency benefits.

One of the best cars for motorway driving when it comes to diesel driven efficiency. The trusty Ford Mondeo is a good choice as are the diesel engined versions of the Renault Megane are also a worthy option. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally fill the car with petrol!


Consider your comfort

When choosing your car make sure you consider just how many hours you’ll be spending behind the wheel every week. It’s entirely possible that you’ll spend more time driving your car than you do sitting behind your desk in the office. That means that the best cars for motorway driving have to be a nice place to be. If you absolutely dread getting behind the wheel then you’re more likely to perform poorly in your job.

Some of the top recommendations for comfort are the BMW 3 series and the Audi A1. These cars are road warriors and will be reliable friends as you pile on the miles.


How far did you drive in 2014 and what are your recommendations for comfort? Let us know in the comments below.



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