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Calling all Fleet Managers : Furry Dice Have Ran Away And Left Us

Calling all Fleet Managers : Furry Dice Have Ran Away And Left Us
24th November 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Everything used to be so simple. We bought furry dice, we were going to give them away in a competition, life was easy.

Or so we thought.

Then the furry dice got bored. They heard us talking about company cars, and racing, and great roads we had driven on and great races we had seen, and great car chases in films , and great car programmes on TV. (As you may have guessed, cars are our passion. We talk about them A LOT) The dice wanted to see these great roads and tracks and film scenes for themselves. Off they went, leaving us not even a goodbye note.

Until this week. The dice have started sending postcards home and if we can guess where they are, they’ll come back. This is the first postcard that arrived.

Calling all Fleet Managers : Win a Furry Dice

We’re opening it up to a competition. If you know where they are, leave a comment below.  We’ll draw a name out of the hat from all the correct answers and you will win a set of globetrotting dice.

Good luck, competition closes at 5.30 on Friday night, 25 November, and we’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.

Comments are moderated and will not appear until the competition is closed. If you log in to comments via twitter then we’ll tweet you to let you know if you are right or wrong. If you log in via Facebook we’ll leave a note on our Facebook Page. If you are wrong then you can have another try 🙂


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