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Friday Competition – Name The Car Chase

Friday Competition – Name The Car Chase
10th February 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Win with our competition

Don’t try to hide it; you know you want them. Yes, the Friday Competition to win a set of furry dice to adorn your company car or fleet vehicle is BAAAAACK. All you have to do is read the description and tell us what film the described car chase scene is from. Easy!

New York, summer’s day. The hero pulls a cab driver from his yellow cab, telling him it has been requisitioned on official police business. The cab driver is not happy. The hero is joined  in the cab by a partner, who isn’t a police officer.  Hero ignores Partner’s advice about the direction to take, pulls a u-turn that leaves the tyres smoking and screams through a red light. Partner, an ex-cab driver, tells hero he is driving in the wrong direction. The two of them argue about the fastest way to Ninth Avenue, with several near misses at junctions. They are being followed, but not pursued, by a large black SUV. When they get to Park Drive they run into traffic, and drive through Central Park pedestrian areas at full speed. Pedestrians and cyclists scatter, and partner is not happy.

“Are you AIMING for these people?”

“No… well, maybe that mime”

The cab eventually reaches a ramp, flies over the wall and out of the park and back into traffic. Hero again runs into traffic gridlock; nothing is moving, horns are blaring and both men look frustrated and angry. Partner says, “We need a fire truck to follow” and Hero’s eyes light up as he places a fake emergency call over the cab radio. He says that Officers are down and that he needs an ambulance right away.

Hero peels out of the traffic, driving through a bike and motorbike parking area as he heads towards the hospital the ambulance will be leaving from, driving across four roads at right angles as he does so.  Hero follows the ambulance at full speed towards his destination.

Wow! Written down it isn’t half as exciting 🙂

If you know which film this scene comes from, leave a comment below. Comments are moderated and won’t appear; at the end of the day we will post them all and draw a winner for our furry dice. Show off your film car chase knowledge!

CLUE – The film is from 1995 and is the third in a series.

Good Luck!


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