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Short term leasing – car leasing options for Fleet Managers, HR, and CFO.

Short term leasing – car leasing options for Fleet Managers, HR, and CFO.
19th February 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Short term leasing

The best deals for car leasing

When you are you are running a fleet of company cars and vans, you are always on the look out for the best car leasing deals for your company. Companies are looking for the best balance between value for money and flexibility. This is where short-term leasing could be of benefit to your business.

Who should take advantage of short term leasing?

Short term leasing is ideal if you have staff on probation or if you hire temporary staff. It is also a useful choice if you have staff on secondment, visiting from other offices or if you employ seasonal staff. Short term leasing is more flexible than a pool car; the vehicle is not sitting in your car park waiting for a driver, and costing you money!

What are the business benefits of short term leasing?

The flexibility of short term leasing should make it attractive to many businesses. You can have a 4×4 for 26 weeks covering the winter and then a standard car in the 26 weeks over summer. You only have to commit to between 26 or 52 weeks of a lease. Business benefits include the fact that it can be easier on cash flow, and certainly better in terms of efficient use of resources.

What is the minimum period for short term leasing of vehicles ?

The minimum period is 26 weeks. This is a fixed term lease, there is no early termination available.

What is the maximum period for short term leasing of vehicles?

The maximum lease period is 52 weeks.

What choice of vehicles do I have on a short term lease?

There is a lot of choice for companies looking to lease a vehicle. We have Ford Transits, Audis A1, A4, and A5, and Mitsubishi L200 pickups. Companies can choose from a range of VWs including the Golf, Passat, Sharan, and Tiguan, or Volvos, and many more. Our short term leasing team can talk you through the best option for your company

Do short term leasing costs include road tax and maintenance?

All prices quoted do include road tax. Maintenance is not included. It is not likely that the vehicle will need a service as it is new with only delivery miles on the clock.

A range of leasing deals for your business

Our new site, Run Your Leasing, is now live and we are adding new information on our 26 week and 52 week vehicle leasing deals all the time.  Alternatively, if you are not sure how to finance your new vehicle or you require some general advice then call us now on 08445 733 111 and speak to one of our qualified advisors who will be pleased to help.



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