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Fleet Management and Company Car issues – When that Smartphone is invaluable!

Fleet Management and Company Car issues – When that Smartphone is invaluable!
17th October 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog


Car Insurance Tips


We talked recently on the blog about Mobile Phone Addiction when driving but there are some cases when mobile phones are invaluable; when you have an accident for instance. Recently one of the team was hit on a garage forecourt and although shaken, the process was made easier by the use of mobile phones.

  • Insurance details – Both parties had their insurance details stored on their mobile phones. A quick text message and details were shared instantly. An estimated 1.3 million drivers are on the road in the UK without insurance; it’s reassuring to both parties if the insurance details are there straight away.
  • Phone numbers – Both parties could see instantly that they hadn’t been given a fake number.
  • Photographs – Damage could be documented instantly and passed on to the insurance companies in case of any queries with the claim.
  • Video – Although a bit startled when the other party started walking around the car videoing it, our colleague soon saw the benefit in this. It showed weather and road conditions and it also made sure that no pre-existing damage could be added to the claim. With the average cost of insurance rising and becoming a concern to all, it’s in everyone’s benefit to keep repair costs to a minimum.
Accidents and prangs are bad enough; anything that makes the process a little easier in dealing with is to be welcomed!


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