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Company Car Vehicles : Driving Tips – Driving in heavy rain

Company Car Vehicles : Driving Tips – Driving in heavy rain
2nd May 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Company Vehicle Drivers


Driving safely in wet conditions

It might be great weather for ducks, but Company Vehicle Drivers aren't enjoying it so much!


Do you remember the summer of 1976? I do, and let me tell you it was HOT. I have a memory of a picture in the newspaper of cracks in the floor of a reservoir so deep that a little kid was standing in them. I remember it so well because I wanted to be that kid.  It looked fun.

Flash forward to 2012 and we are yet again in a drought situation. This one doesn’t look fun. This one looks grey, miserable and wet. The drought is fairly bucketing down  We’re leaving for work in the rain, driving in the rain and coming home in the rain.  Good for the drought, but not great driving conditions.

Driving safely in hazardous conditions

There is a great blog over on Business Car Manager on how to drive safely in heavy rain. Written by Caroline Holmes of the IAM it gives helpful tips on coping with the hazardous wet conditions.

“And for business car drivers everywhere, there was a sudden change in driving conditions, and the greater possibility of skidding on a wet surface – a problem not just for drivers, but cyclists and motorcyclists too.”

We all know that driving in the wet is no fun, and a skid is terrifying. The total lack of control and trying to get the car responding again taxes even the most experienced Company Vehicle Drivers.

Be prepared for all weathers

The article is full of tips such as this one

“Keep your eyes on the road ahead and plan your driving so that you can brake, accelerate and steer smoothly – abrupt changes of direction tends to unsettle a car. If you see pools or running water on the road, don’t brake or accelerate into it. Ease off the accelerator as you cross it, grip the steering wheel firmly and steer straight ahead.”

Have a read of the article and drive safely. Here at RunYourFleet we have hopes that we aren’t going to need this advice again this year (sunny hot weather please!) but we all need to be prepared for bad weather!


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