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2013's new electric cars – a review by video

2013's new electric cars – a review by video
7th May 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

The best electric cars


Techfeed’s youtube review of 2013’s new electric cars.

What are the best buys – electric cars

The folks over at Which offer information on the electric cars available

“In our electric vs eco cars comparison, we’ve taken a First Look at three of the first electric cars to hit the mainstream market and put them up against the most efficient conventional rivals (mainly diesel-fuelled Best Buys).”

Their initial finding suggest that electric cars offer drivers a lower-carbon output and cheaper fuel costs. However, they seem expensive compared with their traditional counterpart & aren’t as versatile perhaps.

Is this something you are looking into for your own fleet? Could you save money and make a contribution to lowering carbon emissions by commissioning electric cars? Or is it unlikely in the foreseeable future of your business?


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