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Electric Dreams – Our Electric Car : Calling Out The Experts | Multifleet
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Electric Dreams – Our Electric Car : Calling Out The Experts

Electric Dreams – Our Electric Car : Calling Out The Experts
12th August 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Another entry in our series “Electric Dreams”, our electric car blog; by Craig Pullen, our ICT and Systems Development Manager and keeper of our electric Smart Car.

Yesterday lunchtime, Simon wanted to use the Smart for a short trip. I handed him the key and a couple of minutes later, he came back to the office saying that he was unable to move the car.

We both went out and looked at the dashboard where a number of warning lights were displayed.  One of these was a bolt of lightning in yellow (never a good sign). When I tried to start the car the auxiliary power came on but there was still no drive to the wheels.

Of course, being someone who loves cars I couldn’t resist having a look and a possible tinker myself.

I called out the Recovery Services, waiting for them to arrive and breathe new life into our car. Luckily I had some decent reading material on hand while I waited.

Fleet Services-Running an electric car. Electric Car Blog

and some not-so-appropriate reading matter blagged from the reception desk.

Electric Car Blog-Save money on company car fleet management

Thankfully the services arrived before I was forced into reading The Bunty (although there was a vintage copy of  The Victor kicking about that I have my eye on for any future emergencies) and after being diagnosed with an “intermittent battery fault” my reading was curtailed and we were good to go again.

More updates and news from Craig and our Electric Car Blog – Electric Dreams to follow…


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