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Electric Dreams – Adventures in Our Electric Car : Learning The Language

Electric Dreams – Adventures in Our Electric Car : Learning The Language
26th October 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Another entry in our series “Electric Dreams”, our electric car blog; by Craig Pullen, our ICT and Systems Development Manager and keeper of our electric Smart Car.

Throughout the Electric Car ownership experience, I have often stressed the importance of forward planning and being prepared for any eventuality. Those words were ringing in my ears this morning when I was forced to take an alternative route to the office. I also often contemplate chaos theory; in this particular case, we shall consider how a traffic incident in the North of Birmingham resulted in me learning the word for extension cable in Polish.

This morning, a minor traffic incident on the A4041 meant that I took an alternative route to work. As I had more than 60% charge, (20% more than is usually required), I wasn’t too concerned with the additional mileage. However, when the smart’s Sat Nav system advised me of heavy traffic on the M42, I decided to follow the suggested diversion through the Warwickshire countryside.

You can see where this is going.

I finally got to within 6 miles of Henley in Arden before I finally ran out of power. As luck would have it,  I was right outside a pub. I asked the manager if I could park there temporarily and if he would allow me to use some of his electricity.  He agreed, but the only extension lead we could use belonged to the car valeting business to the rear of his premises.

After a brief conversation about my plight, the gentlemen that operated the car valeting business agreed to lend me their extension lead, which strictly speaking, isn’t recommended, but this was an emergency.

Craig Pullen Electric Smart Car

It’s przedłużacz, by the way.


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