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How Fleet Management software can improve productivity

How Fleet Management software can improve productivity
28th August 2013 Run Your Fleet Admin

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Productivity and Fleet Management


Fleet management software has improved by huge amounts over the last few years, and companies are harnessing the improvements in the software to improve and increase productivity.

Recognize and change wasteful practices

The software keeps a track of regular journeys and fuel efficiency. It can alert Fleet Managers to wasteful practices. Fleet managers are then able to amalgamate journeys and divert resources to busier routes.

From something as simple as highlighting when a vehicle is left idling for too long, wasteful practices can be identified and fixed, saving time and money.

Gathering data from vehicles

The software can track when cars need servicing, how the tyres are wearing, and all the standard in-car telematics that fleet managers require to run an efficient and modern fleet.

Pinpointing location of vehicles

If there is an urgent delivery or trip required, fleet management software and telematics can alert Fleet Managers to the nearest vehicle in the area and the best vehicle to divert to meet the new requirement.

Analyse fleet driver reports

Fleet Managers can have access to accurate and up-to-date workflow and journey reports. These can be used to increase fuel efficiency and also to monitor driving time, making sure that all your driver’s driving hours are met and not exceeded for safety.

Lower Fleet Budget Costs

GPS and tracking helps lower time spent off the road or driving inefficiently. The reports generated by fleet management software help Fleet Managers budget for servicing costs.

Fleet Records

As the software will generate the reports that the Fleet Manager needs, Fleet Records and details are kept scrupulously up-to-date and can be compiled whenever they are required.

Fleet Management and Productivity

What improvements have you witnessed in fleet productivity since you have started using Fleet Management software? What was your most surprising finding? If you haven’t yet used software to manage your fleets, would you be interested in finding out more about the savings to your business?




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