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A Fleet Tracking System – The Advantages

A Fleet Tracking System – The Advantages
5th September 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

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Key Advantages of Fleet Tracking

A fleet tracking system is an increasingly indispensable tool for fleet managers. Not only do they offer you the ability to see where your cars are at any given time but they also allow you to see where they have been; how they are being driven and how much fuel your drivers are using. Understanding the advantages of a particular fleet tracking system is very important when building your fleet and the key to this is understanding your own company’s needs. What do you need to know and what format do you need it to be presented in? Who will be using the data and what will they be using it for? These are key considerations when choosing a fleet tracking system.


Live Tracking of Your Fleet

Real time tracking facilities are the most obvious advantage of any fleet tracking system. In most cases the system will show the position of your vehicles in real time on Google Maps or another popular mapping system. Systems built on Google Maps (like our own Run Your Tracking option) are particularly useful since they give access to rich levels of data like Google Street View which are unavailable on other options. This allows you to see (roughly) a driver’s eye view from your vehicles, a key advantage of Google Maps based systems.


Data from Your Fleet Tracking System

For most fleet managers the most useful feature of their fleet tracking system is the rich data it provides about the way their vehicles are being driven and, in particular, how much fuel they consume. Driving styles have a huge impact on fuel consumption and with the data provided by the fleet tracking system (Run Your Tracking provides mpg and Co2 emissions data). This makes it easy for you to discuss driving styles with your employees and, consequently reduce the running costs of your fleet.

You can find out more about our own fleet tracking system and the powerful features it provides on the Run Your Fleet website.  If you’ve got any questions about this or any other fleet tracking system then get in touch with us in the comments below. We’d be delighted to hear from you!


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