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Vehicle Funding

Fleet Funding

Multifleet has a comprehensive suite of fleet funding solutions, all of which can be tailored to the needs of your business. We look at your individual requirements and work to that, we do not apply the one size fits all approach.

Our extensive experience in the fleet management and leasing industry enables us to negotiate funding rates that are amongst the lowest in the UK. By operating a lean, systems led business model – we can pass on the advantages of low overheads to our customers whilst maintaining the very highest level of customer service.

Contract Hire

Putting you in control

Just as you are in control of your business, contract hire keeps you in control of your fleet.

Contract Hire benefits:

The benefits of using this funding solution are many and include:

  • Off-balance sheet funding – this can improve your gearing ratios
  • Low initial outlay
  • Fixed cost budgeting – enabling efficient cash flow management
  • Improved tax efficiency – VAT and writing down allowances
  • Risk free fleet operation – we take all the associated risks such as depreciation, maintenance and residual value
  • Sale and leaseback arrangements – switch your owned company vehicles to contract hire


Multifleet contract hire keeps you in control of your fleet finances, while we remove all the associated risks.


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Matrix Contract Hire

Control with flexibility.

Business requirements change, especially in a time of uncertainty. This is where matrix contract hire comes to the fore.

Matrix Contract Hire benefits:

All the benefits of contract hire, putting you in control, with additional bonus of flexibility should you need it.
Agreed at the beginning of the contract are the optional payments and discounts should you want to extend the period, extend the mileage, reduce the period or reduce the mileage.
Presented in a matrix format it is clear and easy to see how your costs could change should your requirements need to change. There are no hidden costs, you stay in control.

Short Lease

No long term tie in

With all the benefits of a brand new vehicle, but without the associated maintenance, short lease provides an ideal solution for shorter term vehicle requirements, often between 6 to 12 months.

Vehicles are supplied new, with a low initial payment and monthly rental. The terms are often more favourable than contract hire due to the short term nature.

The benefits of this shorter vehicle lease include:

  • Low initial payment and monthly rental
  • Full operational control retained by customer
  • Ideal for probation periods or seasonal contracts
  • No long term commitment or servicing costs
  • Off balance sheet

Short lease gives the reliability of a new vehicle without the long term commitment.

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Contract Purchase

Giving you options

Having the option of owning the vehicle at the end of your contract is the major benefit of contract purchase.

Often referred to a hire purchase, the ability to make one final balloon payment at the end allows you to own the vehicle outright. We calculate the payment at the outset of the contract and it is based on the projected future resale value of the vehicle.

For more expensive vehicles, usually in excess of £25,000, this is often the better way of finance, as the business is able to own the vehicle allowing the use of capital allowances.

The benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow – initial low outlay followed by fixed monthly payments
  • Ownership – final optional balloon payment
  • Risk free – vehicle maintenance and disposal taken care of

Contract purchase is the ideal solution for those that are unable to take advantage of the VAT benefits of contract hire.

Finance Lease

Helping you purchase

Allowing you full operational control of your vehicles with the ability to repay the whole capital cost, including interest, over a period of years, finance lease overcomes the financial obstacles of business asset purchase.

The benefits include:

  • Full operation control
  • Capital cost is spread
  • Financial benefit at contract end
  • Fixed budgeting
  • Flexibility

Ownership of the vehicle is retained by Multifleet, but with full operational control, and upon disposal the benefit of 95% on any net sales proceeds, you negotiate, you get to keep.

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Sale and Leaseback

Transferring the risk

When financial and operational costs need to be assessed there is a solution that allows you to retain your vehicle and at the same time frees up capital.

Sale and leaseback agreements can offer immediate help by transferring the vehicle into a funding arrangement. If you own the vehicle outright Multifleet can purchase and then lease it back to you, this way improving cash flow through fixed cost budgeting.

The benefits include:

  • Immediate cash benefit
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Reduced administration

The purchase price tends to be the prevailing market value or written down value in your business books. Then leased back to you for the remainder of the normal replacement cycle.