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Do you have a fleet management system that will save you money in 2015?

Do you have a fleet management system that will save you money in 2015?
6th January 2015 Run Your Fleet Blog

fleet management system

Save money – fleet management system

Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles in-house is becoming an increasingly difficult operation. From dealing with legal regulations and safety issues to driver and vehicle management, the sheer number of responsibilities can often feel overwhelming. What’s more, there is bound to be constant pressure on reducing costs, improving productivity and maximising efficiency. The question is always, how do we use the tools available to save money and reduce costs in our business? Your business may well save large sums of money by implementing a fleet management system.

Should you invest in a fleet management system?

GPS fleet management tracking system is a rapidly growing technology that has evolved significantly in the past decade. There has been evidence that companies are reducing overall transportation costs, eliminating inefficiencies and changing driver behaviour, which makes telematics an attractive investment for business owners. Almost every business can benefit from implementing a fleet management system. Those businesses that use some form of transportation, whether it includes company cars for employees or a fleet of trucks to transport goods will look to reduce their fleet management costs wherever they can. So, what are the benefits of a fleet management system and how can you save money?

Increasing customer satisfaction

The most important component in a fleet management system is having the ability to track your vehicles at any given time. You can increase your customer satisfaction when you have a fleet management system that allows you to reduce or eliminate phone calls about driver location and time of arrival. At the touch of a button, you have all you need to keep the customer informed. You can tell them precisely when a job will be attended and any delays or changes can be communicated immediately. And obviously, a happy customer is one who will spend more and remain loyal to your business for a longer time.

Employee safety

If a driver were to be involved in a accident whether it be minor or major, with a fleet management system you can track their exact location within seconds. This has obvious safety benefits. Being able to locate a vehicle in the case of breakdown is also an important benefit of a tracking device. The sooner the location of a stranded vehicle is confirmed, the sooner a recovery can take place. Additionally from a business point of view, time is money and wasted time = wasted money.

Improve routing and dispatching

Another benefit is the ability to work faster, not harder; A fleet management system can help to markedly improve routing and dispatching. By mapping and monitoring the routes drivers take it is possible to sense check delivery schedules and ensure the most direct, efficient routes are being used by every driver. Increased productivity obviously means savings to the business.

Cost reduction

Fuel is an ever-increasing cost to businesses. Your fleet management system cannot magically lower the cost of fuel but it can dramatically reduce the amount of fuel used. It’s possible to eliminate wasted fuel used during vehicle idling, inefficient routing, traffic jam delays, unauthorised vehicle use and fuel theft, all of which can only be a good thing when it comes to saving money on fleet management in 2015.


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