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What to look for in Fleet Management Software

What to look for in Fleet Management Software
2nd February 2015 Run Your Fleet Admin

fleet management system

Your Fleet Management Software guide

An efficient fleet management system enables you to control your fleet of cars by allowing you to track their position at any one time. Nowadays the paradox of choice surrounding different fleet management software options can make the decision making process more challenging than you might like it to be.

First things first, define your individual needs:

  • Requirements: Fully define your specific fleet management needs
  • Align features: Align key fleet management features with your specific needs
  • Due diligence: Exercise due diligence in fleet management solution evaluation
  • Vendor selection: Review suppliers, including support and revisions
  • Think implementation: Set yourself up for a successful fleet management implementation

However, the package we offer at Run Your Fleet night mean that we’re the only place you’ll need to look.

1.)   From just £5 (+VAT) per vehicle per month, you will have immediate access to breakdown cover provided by the AA. It doesn’t stop there though, it also gives you substantial savings on Tyres, Windscreens and Servicing and Breakdown.

2.)   We offer one of the most comprehensive Accident Management packages in the UK, Quick repair plus a lifetime warranty whilst you have the vehicle. Not to mention we deal with the whole process from the time of  the accident, notifying the insurer, repair, to the replacement vehicle you’ll need in the meantime. Oh and by the way, this is all free of charge.

3.)   Special discounted rates on parts and labour across 6000 garage and service networks across the UK. This again will all be managed without you having to lift a finger.

4.)   If you upgrade your membership for an additional £2 per vehicle a month you will receive 2 day onward travel and European assist which will allow you to stay on the road in 47 European countries, all supported by English speaking incident managers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5.)   We offer a comprehensive Risk Management scheme that ensures you meet all obligations regarding: Driver risk assessment, DVLA Licence Check, On-line Driver Training and Full Reporting Facility. We also put your drivers through an automatic annual refresher course from just £3 per month

6.)   We offer Contract Hire and Leasing which easily allows you to buy or lease your vehicles in a way that is suitable for you. All Contract Hire and Leasing vehicles through Run Your Fleet are entitled to free membership, free of charge, giving you all the benefits shown above.

7.)   Our tracking software uses the very latest in GPS technology and allows for Real Time vehicle tracking, journey history, full driver behaviour reporting, vehicle fault notifications, Actual mileage reporting, fuel monitoring and re-fuel events, actual MPG & CO2 reporting, automated driver time sheets and serving alerts… the list goes on. Not to mention 24 hour access available at your fingertips on our on-line fleet management system.

What other benefits do you think a fleet management software system should offer?





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