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Fleet Management

Fleet Management – introducing runyourfleet

Multifleet provides fleet management services to over 32,000 for 1,200 businesses across the UK.

Delivered through the runyourfleet brand – Multifleet has truly pioneered online fleet management services for UK businesses of all sizes across the UK.
Here is a summary of the fleet management services available from runyourfleet

Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery           runyourfleet

Keeping your business on the move

Our unique service is provided in partnership with the RAC

Unlike other providers, the service we provide, through our portal, is more flexible, allowing the addition and deletion of vehicles and change of service levels when required.

It is also more comprehensive covering more driver induced faults than other comparable packages on the market.

A range business service levels are available including:

  • Onward travel
  • Fleet Europe
  • Minibus assistance
  • Minibus European assistance
  • Heavy minibus assistance
  • Heavy minibus European assistance.

Daily Rental           runyourfleet

Additional fleet vehicles when needed

We understand the importance of your business being able to run smoothly at all times, and to do this there may be occasions where you need extra vehicles.

We have the ability to provide rental vehicles anywhere in the UK within 2 hours, providing you the best rental rates we can.

Designed with you in mind our daily rental service provides :

  • Easy to use on-line booking facility
  • Over 1,500 locations
  • Access to over 400,000 cars, vans and specialist vehicles
  • Fixed, low cost pricing
  • UK-wide delivery within 2hrs
  • Collection, delivery, airport and one way rental options
  • Free account facilities, no fuel deposits or credit cards

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Vehicle Telematics      runyourfleet

Safer driving, safer environment

Vehicle telematics systems have come along way since the early days where they were viewed with a great deal of suspicion.

Today it is driver safety, education and emission controls at the heart of this technology. Potential dangerous driving styles can be recognised, and then corrected, accident and risk management factors can be managed, and emission levels controlled and considered.

There are few packages on the market that take into account all these factors at the detailed level we offer.

Our ground breaking vehicle telematics package offers as standard:

  • Driver style reporting
  • Fuel events including how much and where
  • Any faults present and variable servicing alerts
  • Monthly packages available with no upfront costs

No other system in the UK offers this level at price points.

Service, Maintenance & Repair        runyourfleet

Saving you time and money

Our maintenance controllers work on your behalf to ensure you get the best repair and service, at the time that suits you, in a location that is convenient for your driver, at the lowest cost.

We only employ experienced maintenance controllers who know their business and understand your needs. They ensure you only pay for what you should, and you only have work carried out that is necessary – it’s like having your own mechanic!

Our managed service provides special rates on:

  • MOT’s,
  • Servicing
  • Tyres
  • Windscreens
  • Parts and labour
  • Access to our network of over 6,000 service outlets throughout the UK

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Accident Management         runyourfleet

Looking after you while you run your business

One of the most comprehensive accident management services in the UK.

Based in the UK and acting as part of your company this service is completely free of charge and the whole process is managed from a single call from start to finish.

The benefits of our service:

  • Complimentary service
  • UK based
  • Focused on minimising VOR times
  • Online claims tracking

Risk Management         runyourfleet

Keeping you compliant

All businesses no matter their size have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees when driving at or for work.

Should the required Driving for Work obligations have not been met then not only the driver, but in some cases, the business owner can have legal action brought against them and the company. ensures, through it’s risk management programme, that you meet all these obligations quickly, at minimum cost, and includes DVLA licence checks.

Vehicle Disposal           runyourfleet

De-fleeting or Downsizing your Fleet?

Whether your complete fleet or single vehicle has access to the services of auction houses, a network of trade buyers and will provide vehicle preparation services in advance of disposal, ensuring the best price for your company vehicles.

Advantages of using our service:

  • We can get the best price through our network of contacts
  • Saves you time and money
  • Easy and straight forward process