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Fleet Managers : Review of Hyundai Genesis

Fleet Managers : Review of Hyundai Genesis
30th March 2015 Run Your Fleet Blog

Hyundai Genesis – For fleets?

The Genesis is one of Hyundai’s luxury sedans and also an expensive one with a price of around £50,000. For some fleet managers,  that price is an instant deterrent, but have no fear as they offer a 3.8L 311 hp V6 GDI engine alternative to the 5.0L 420 hp V8 GDI engine. It’s £13,500 cheaper which makes it a more affordable alternative for many.

The miles per gallon for the 5 litre Genesis is 15/23 but the mpg for the 3.8 litre is 18/29, making the small engine Genesis more fuel efficient than it’s big brother. Both models include all the gadgets you’d ever want with blind spot assist, emergency braking, front and rear cameras, rear crossing traffic alert and even a lane departure warning – it’ll even self-park. Oh yes, and you can use the built in all wheel drive when the weather gets the better of your drivers.

Amenities to enliven the senses

The interior “features a premium-crafted interior that offers a host of features and amenities to enliven the senses and provide every convenience including available genuine matte finish wood trim, ultra premium leather, ventilated seats and a power rear window sunshade. Plus, its design has more total interior volume than any other vehicle in its class” as quoted from the Hyundai website.

This is as expected from a luxury sedan and when you are inside you can definitely enjoy the plus sized interior and comfy seats, but apart from that there aren’t many features that distinguish it from others in its class.

Fleet managers: Good fleet car or not?

The Genesis isn’t the most environmentally friendly of fleet cars, with it’s gaseous emissions at 261g/km –  that’s almost double that of a BMW 535i. It certainly isn’t in the top ten in fuel efficiency. A cost conscious, environmentally aware fleet manager may look elsewhere before settling for the Genesis. However, it’s got plenty going for it if you’re looking for a luxury fleet model.

What do you think – are you running the Hyundai Genesis in your fleet?

If you liked our review of Hyundai Genesis, comment below and we will look into writing more reviews in the near future. We want to hear about the releases you’re most looking forward too.



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