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Do You Have Trackers Installed In Your Company Cars?

Do You Have Trackers Installed In Your Company Cars?
30th August 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Do the Company Cars in your Fleet have a tracker installed?

This article from Automotive Industry Digest gives out some interesting statistics.

  • THE first half of 2011 saw Tracker recover nearly £7.5 million worth of stolen cars
  • Resulting in 64 arrests across the UK.
  • Whilst less than half of reported stolen cars are ever recovered by the police, the success rate radically improves if a Tracker device is installed.
  • Well over 90% of stolen vehicles fitted with a Tracker device are returned to their owners
  • 80% of these are recovered within 24 hours.

There is also the benefit of lower insurance premiums on your company car fleet.

What about employee’s privacy concerns?

Some employees may have an issue with a tracker being fitted to a company car which they use privately.  A section should be added to your Company Car Policy Document stating how the company uses the tracker data, and if your company will use tracker data in the event of misconduct claims against an employee.

If you run a grey fleet, you also have to decide if trackers will be added to these, and how you will manage that data.

What other benefits can you see from using trackers on your company cars?

Trackers not only enhance security, they help educate your fleet drivers re fuel costs, mileage and speed,  leading to reduced operating costs.




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