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Fleet management – What Is Your Policy For Usage Of Company Cars?

Fleet management – What Is Your Policy For Usage Of Company Cars?
31st August 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Company Car Guidelines for Fleet Managers

As the person responsible for fleet management, when you allocate company cars, you should also give out the company car policy document or your company car guidelines. This should lay out clearly the expectations of the company and the driver in all fleet vehicle matters.

We’re going to post a series of entries on what should be in a company car policy document.  The first in the series will discuss;

Company Car Usage

This should cover

  • Expectations and actions if the company guidelines aren’t met
  • What happens if the employee has an accident in the car
  • Who can drive the car
  • For what purposes the car can be used
  • How the company car should be stored overnight

The section should also direct drivers of the company car to the correct section of the document which covers accidents, loss or theft, servicing, use of hire cars and what to do in an emergency.

It takes time to draw up these documents and have them checked over; however the more comprehensive they are the better. No misunderstandings arise and Fleet Managers and Drivers all have the correct policy in place to deal with anything that may occur.

Have you drawn up a policy or set of guidelines? Do you have online Fleet Management available to you to help you with the general administration of your company vehicles?


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