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Operating a Company Car Fleet – Can You Run Your Fleet More Efficiently?

Operating a Company Car Fleet – Can You Run Your Fleet More Efficiently?
15th September 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog


How can you save money on running your company cars?


Once you have joined and are making savings on tyres, breakdown services, windscreens and servicing there are still other ways that you can reduce your costs.

Expert advice on fleet management

Are you running your fleet at maximum efficiency?

  • Make sure that your company car policy document includes details on which journeys will be reimbursed and which will not.
  • Ensure that all your employees know about fuel management and how to ensure the best possible fuel economy.
  • Look at new engine technology when replacing your company cars – hybrids, new engine management systems etc.
  • Check the cars in your grey fleet – are they as fuel efficient as they should be?
  • Are your employees planning their journeys efficiently? Satnavs and online journey planners can make sure that they are travelling the minimum distance possible.
  • How old is your fleet? Investing in new vehicles can save you money in the long run.
  • Check your tax requirement – are you paying too much?
RunYourCars can offer a full audit of your company car outgoings and payments, however we hope that this blog entry gives you a starting point in how to make savings on running your fleet.



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