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Fleet Management and Company Cars – Helping you to boost efficiency

Fleet Management and Company Cars – Helping you to boost efficiency
3rd October 2011 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Management Services Making a Difference to Your Company


How can outsourcing your fleet management improve efficiency not just for the drivers but for fleet managers or HR staff busily trying to juggle the needs of a modern company car fleet?

An online fleet management system can manage the histories of all the vehicles, make sure key events are logged and checked, manage all the driver records and allocate the vehicles to a specific driver.  Drivers can access on-line risk assessment, journey logging, expenses and accident claims.  This frees up drivers and administrators.

Savings Made In Money and Time to All Fleets

External Fleet Management can also do all the time-intensive negotiation for consumables and the running of your cars. Companies engaging with outsourced fleet management know that they will be getting the best deal possible and costs can be worked out in advance and agreed. Savings normally only available to large fleets will be made by any company running company cars and grey fleets – whether it’s 5 cars or 500.

Are you making savings on fleet costs?

Keeping up-to-date on legislation and financial requirements can take administrators away from the “meat” of their job. The savings made by group negotiation on the company car runner’s behalf can be re-invested in the company. External Fleet Management is a real source of savings to a company running a fleet of vehicles.




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