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Driving Under the Influence of Distraction – Are our gadgets company car driver friendly?

Driving Under the Influence of Distraction – Are our gadgets company car driver friendly?
23rd April 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Are you a distracted driver?

Company Car Drivers – Distraction Danger

Sat Navs, smart phones, ipads. What did we do without them? It’s hard to remember life before our techy friends. In this day and age everyone wants everything at the touch of a button and they want it now!  If we don’t reply to someone’s email or their twitter comment within the hour then our whole world could crumble to pieces. So what does this mean for the business man  and company car driver of today who is always on the go? The pressure is on for him or her to keep up with the electronic social rat race, thus using a range of in-car technology.

But are we putting ourselves at danger? Are these gadgets reallydriver friendly? Although we may think we are able to control our vehicle and our iPhone at the same time the reality is that if we take our eyes off the road for longer than 2 seconds we are putting our safety at risk. And I’m sure we’ve all been there when the Sat Nav takes you the wrong way, and you find yourself paying more attention to entering a postcode into the keyboard than to what is in front of you.

So what is the answer? Are we too accustomed to this technical way of life, too far gone passed the point of no return? The answer unfortunately is probably yes! Could you imagine all the business men and woman going cold turkey without their iPhones and their Sat Navs? I can’t!  So how can we make our gadgets safer? Although we can’t see into the future, we hope that voice recognition will become a prominent feature for most devices. Or maybe they could make cars that drive themselves 😉 (ed – I think they already have! Cars that Drive Themselves)

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