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Company Car Drivers: What's your favourite driving songs?

Company Car Drivers: What's your favourite driving songs?
20th July 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Driving songs – Are you a sing-a-long driver?


We’ve all been there, you’re singing your heart out, lost in the moment, when you look to your left or right and realise you’re pulled up at the traffic lights and the car driver next to you has been watching you the whole time. You either stop, your face turns the colour of a tomato and you slump down as low in your chair that you possibly can, or you think “well it’s too late to stop now” and carry on the show.

So what songs bring us to traffic light humiliation at RunYourFleet? Here’s our top list of driving sing-a-long songs!

RunYourFleet’s Top Driving Sing-a-long Songs!

1. Alanis Morissette – Ironic

2. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

3. Ray Charles – Hit the road Jack

4. Beatles – Drive my car

5. Michael Jackson – Beat It

6 Beach Boys – I get around

7. Rihanna – Shut up and drive

8. Nelly – Ride with me

9. Whitney Houston – How will I know

10. Destiny’s Child – Say my name

What’s your favourite?


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