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Fleet Managers: Will the Volvo V40 be your next company fleet car?

Fleet Managers: Will the Volvo V40 be your next company fleet car?
13th July 2012 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Managers test the new Volvo V40


Fleet Managers RunYourFleet

Volvo V40 - Your next company car? Courtesy of

As a Fleet Manager will you consider the Volvo V40 for your company fleet?

The latest creation by Volvo – the Volvo V40 – is the brand’s first premium five-door hatchback & has impressed company car drivers.

At the Company Car In Action (CCIA)  fleet managers and operators were given the chance to take the vehicle for a test drive.  Industry influencers described it as a “true contender” to German brands .

The car is to launch at Volvo dealers very soon on the 21st of July but if you want one you need to be quick as there will only be 1,700-1,800 cars on sale in the initial launch.

Selwyn Cooper, National Corporate Operations manager at Volvo has said –

“Next year we’ll get the capacity but we won’t bring in cars we can’t sell – this is a premium car and residual values are key.

We’re going to work hard to protect that for us and for our customers that make the investment.

What we’ve been delighted by is we’ve had a number of corporate customers order the car without seeing it in the flesh.

It’s not unheard of but it’s unusual for Volvo. It’s a real jump of faith.

But we do realise that many company car drivers and fleet managers want to see the car and drive it and that’s why we pulled out all the stops to bring it to CCIA.”

Although a lot of industries are cutting costs due to financial hardship Volvo must be doing something right – their fleet sales have gone up by 29% between January and May this year.

Cooper puts the growth down to Volvo’s products – with strong V60 and S60 sales – and investment in dealer training according to Fleet News

The Volvo brand is regarded as a family vehicle however it seems they are breaking into the fleet market and we  at RunYourFleet look forward to see how they progress in this market in the future.

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