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What Was Your First Company Car?

What Was Your First Company Car?
29th January 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

Choosing a company Car



Choosing a Company Car

Do you remember your first Company Car? Did you take home the company car list and then book test drives, flicking through What Car? Magazine and brochures trying to decide “the best one”? Or was it a case that “you’ll get what you’re given” and you had to take what was available from the existing company car fleet?

Business Car Manager

We were reminded of this when we read this blog article from Ralph Morton of Business Car Manager. In conversation with Murray Walker, the talk turned to company cars.

Murray, full of enthusiasm, was explaining to a group of us over a coffee break some of his company cars.

“My very first company car was an Austin A40. How about that!” said Murray.


I don’t know if the Austin A40 was quite as sporty as the one that we have pictured, but what a car, so evocative of its time – especially in that promotional artwork.

Choosing A Fleet Car

We wonder what the issues facing Fleet Manager‘s in Murray’s time were, when it came to choosing a fleet car. The brochure of the time was all pictures – hardly any specifications and comparisons to pore over. A simpler time for those choosing their company cars!

What was your first company car? Leave a note in the comments!





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