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Concept Cars – What would be the best one for a fleet?

Concept Cars – What would be the best one for a fleet?
5th March 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

Concept Car



The future of fleet – concept fleet car?


With the Geneva Motor Show going on at the moment, we’re seeing lots of new cars, and the madness and genius of concept cars. We thought that we would take a tongue-in-cheek look at what would be in our ideal fleet vehicle.

Ideal Fleet Vehicle

  • Car that drives itself. We could be nearer that than we think, what with the Google Cars and the advances in sensor technology. Just plug the address into the satnav and off you go. Of course, that might be a bit boring, so we would need …
  • Aircraft style reclining seats. Turning left on an aeroplane and being faced with a row of seats that recline into a full bed is one of the luxury joys of life. Imagine it in a car. Fantastic.
  • Star Trek-style replicators. You’ve got the car that drives itself, the full beds; a driver needs food and drink. A Star Trek replicator that could instantly supply you with a cup of tea, or a fully loaded burger and chips would be the icing on the cake. You could even get it to replicate the icing AND the cake too. No point in scrimping.
  • Portable wireless connection and windscreen that doubles as a computer screen. Have you seen Avengers Assemble? In one part of the film Tony Stark has his screen in front of him and he throws files from it to another computer screen. Imagine that. You’re driving along and a file bearing all the traffic reports comes whizzing in to your windscreen from kind souls caught further up in the jam.  The impossible dream.

Your Ideal Fleet Vehicle

If you’ve seen The Simpson’s episode where Homer designs the ideal car, then you know what’s coming next – what would you include in your ideal concept fleet car? You can choose anything. We’ve just started you off!



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