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For Fleet Managers and company car drivers – Volvo V60 D4 SE Review

For Fleet Managers and company car drivers – Volvo V60 D4 SE Review
12th November 2013 Run Your Fleet Admin

Volvo V60 Review


Fleet cars – Volvo

Thank you to the team at Automotive Industry Digest for sharing their review of the Volvo V60 D4 SE.

“When you read other reviews of the Volvo V60 a couple of common threads run through most of the them , they all criticise the practicality of the boot and the rear passenger space , they undeservedly position the V60 as the next best thing to a BMW 3 series or the Merc C class.

Well I have a totally different opinion, mine has more in common with the majority of Volvo V60 owners, customer reviews by Reevoo rate it very highly from a practicality and build quality point of view. The important audience – Volvo customers – love the vehicle and have no boot space hang-ups .

Stylish vehicle

When the V60 first turned up it immediately grabbed my attention, it definitely stands out as being an incredibly stylish vehicle, almost coupé like in its styling. You also recognise it straight away as a Volvo. Some of the German brands loose identity, remove their badges and you would find it difficult at first glance to identify what was in front of you.

In my opinion it makes sense to stand out and be easily identifiable. Blending in with the crowd just doesn’t set you apart.

Top-end  V60

Inside the V60 is just as stylish as its exterior. The cabin is a pleasure to look at, the build quality is right up at the top end, the choice and feel of the materials used could quite easily be in a car costing 20k more than the Volvo.

The floating centre console doesn’t disappoint either it adds a touch of class and continues the felling of quality and compliments what is a well thought out and classy cabin.

Busy Dashboard

The downside for me within the interior is the overcomplicated control panel, too many buttons and far too much choice, there are options that you just don’t want to have. All the safety features that the V60 has should be on as default and remain on, I just don’t want the option of being able to turn them off.  Sometimes with technology and choice less is definitely more. That said there are a generation of drivers in the market who like the choice and aren’t overwhelmed by a very busy dashboard.

Company Car Drivers

Getting behind the wheel is a pleasure, the V60 is – as you would expect from the Scandinavians’ -very comfortable. It’s easy to adjust the seating to get the perfect fit as well. for any company car driver who cover the miles the V60 is a perfect choice of business partner. This vehicle leaves you feeling as relaxed at the end of the journey as you did when you set off.

For me the V60 drives as I want it to drive, the steering is accurate, it grips the road really well, there is however a touch of body roll, covering the mileage though isn’t a problem. The performance is more than adequate with the engine not lacking anything, it’s extremely quiet as well, just what every company car driver wants.

Volvo V60 ticks all the boxes

As a company car driver the V60 has a range of engines that suit the pocket, the V60 D4SE I drove produces 181BHP with a pocket pleasing 99CO2 rating resulting in a 14% BIK tax banding. The claimed MPG of a very frugal 74.3 mpg provides a bonus for both the driver and the fleet manager, the astonishing vehicle tax band “A” cuts the RFl to zero for the year. For me the vehicle ticks all the right boxes for any company car driver, forget the German Marques, if you want a vehicle with a lot of character and style that you can comfortably rack up the miles in without inflicting to much pain on your pocket, that also pleases your fleet manager, then take a serious look at the V60.”

The full Volvo V60  review can be read on Automotive Industry Digest

How does the Volvo V60 fare when it comes to getting on your fleet list?




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