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Car ads that make us smile – Volkswagen May The Force Be With You

Car ads that make us smile – Volkswagen May The Force Be With You
6th January 2014 Run Your Fleet Blog

Volkswagen Passat Car Ad


May the Force Be with You

When it comes to great car ads, here’s one that always makes us smile. Launched in 2011, it was a real treat. Great use of music we all know and love that takes the viewer to where they need to be immediately – on the Death Star with Lord Vader himself 😉

The commercial works so well, primarily because the acting is great. The mini actor playing Darth Vader gets the mix of solemn majesty, evil and then confused amazement just right, don’t  you think? And all done with no words! Whether you’re a driver or not, it would be hard not to connect with the message on some level, and of course, for drivers it managed to establish the technological benefits seamlessly.

The ad was produced by Deutsch LA and was the most-liked ad in 2011’s US Superbowl.

Deutsch believed that consumers had become sick of car commercials that used technology and only technology –  so clever agencies had to provide a human dimension.

It seems they were right!

What’s your favourite car ad of all time?






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