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Great cars in TV shows – KITT from Knight Rider

Great cars in TV shows – KITT from Knight Rider
28th April 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Great Cars in TV shows


KITT – one of the great cars in TV Shows


If you are looking at the picture, and don’t have the theme tune in your head, let me help you with that. KITT is definitely one of the great cars in TV shows – in fact Autocar said in 2013 that it was the greatest car to have appeared in a TV show

Features of KITT

KITT was driven by Michael Knight in the NBC TV show Knight Rider. Knight, played by David Hasselhoff was a crime fighter assisted by KITT, a car boosted with artificial intelligence.  The original KITT (Knight Industries 2000 – oh you can feel the future right there, can’t you?) was a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. It had a scanner bar mounted on the front of the car that allowed it to “see” and detect obstacles – and of course flush out the baddies.

KITT was one of the original self-driving cars, and could talk to the driver. (“Michael….”). It was jam-packed with special features – Turbo Boost, Silent Mode, Smoke Screens, Flame Throwers, Flares and even a tear gas launcher.

Fancy these features in your next fleet car?

Wouldn’t KITT’s molecular bonded shell come in handy in your next fleet car? This plating truly was fantastic. It protected KITT from guns, rockets, diamond-headed drills and rocks fired at it. You could even drive KITT full speed into a wall and he would emerge unharmed. The molecular bonded shell protected the wheels and undercarriage if it drove over a bomb.

KITT was also impervious to fire, could shoot lasers, was equipped with an ECG machine, and even came equipped with a cash dispenser machine. KITT WAS AWESOME.

Your choice for great cars in TV shows

We admit it, we have set the bar impossibly high for future choices of great cars in TV shows. We doubt that any could take on KITT, but we’re open to suggestions!  What cars do you think are truly great cars in TV shows?



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