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Challenges facing fleet managers in 2014

Challenges facing fleet managers in 2014
10th June 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

challenges facing fleet managers


Dealing with the challenges facing fleet managers

There are many critical issues that fleet managers face. Whether fleets are looked after by a dedicated fleet manager, by HR, or perhaps the facilities manager, the problems and issues remain the same. These are just three of the current challenges facing fleet managers and how they can deal with them.

Cost reduction and cost control for fleets

Reducing the cost of fleet management is a challenge that constantly affects all fleet managers. Saving money every year or every quarter is often a financial goal that fleet managers are targeted with – they must choose what cuts they have to make to achieve the financial savings required.

With fuel costs constantly rising savings have to be made in other areas. Fleet managers with less buying power than larger corporate fleets may soon find themselves paying over the odds for day-to-day fleet management requirements. This has led to the rise of  cost control services – the type of  Fleet Management Services offered by Run Your Fleet, for example, where costs are shown on one monthly invoice.

Risk management and driver safety

Appropriate measures must be established by Fleet Managers to make sure that employers meet their Health and Safety Executive requirements. A valid effective driver safety policy also has to be put in place.  Fleet Managers must keep themselves informed of all changes to HSE policy and how it will affect company vehicle drivers. Expert advice and news updates on what’s happening in the fleet sector are essential.

Telematics and vehicle tracking

Telematics offers powerful tools to support fleet managers. These can include.

  • Real time vehicle tracking with Google maps
  • Journey history reporting
  • Full driver behaviour reporting / profiling
  • Vehicle fault alerts
  • Actual mileage reporting
  • Fuel monitoring and re-fuel events
  • Actual MPG reporting
  • Actual CO2 reporting
  • Automated driver time sheets
  • Automated servicing alerts

Telematics exist to keep Fleet Managers informed of how their fleet vehicles are being driven – allowing fleet managers to save costs while managing risk.

The main challenges facing fleet managers in 2014

More fleet managers are taking advantage of Fleet Management Services and the benefits they offer to fleet managers in controlling costs, risk management, and telematics and vehicle tracking. Would you agree that these are the three main challenges facing feet managers, or would you choose other issues?



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