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Eco Friendly Driving Tips for Fleet Managers

Eco Friendly Driving Tips for Fleet Managers
3rd September 2014 Run Your Fleet Admin

Eco Friendly Driving Tips - Green Cars

With rising fuel prices and increasing worries about the environment eco-friendly driving is becoming a hot topic in many businesses. Implementing an eco friendly driving policy is a great way to save money and protect the environment at the same time. If you’re a fleet manager there are even more things you can do to promote eco friendly driving in your business and our eco friendly driving tips are a great way to start.

Are you Going the Wrong Way? Plan Your Routes!


Just because you’ve been going the same way on a regular journey for the last fifteen years doesn’t mean you’re going the right way! Habits change, new roads open and congestion moves. It’s worth your drivers taking a few minutes to check your most regular journey on Google Maps just in case there’s a quicker way. If it’s a journey you make every day those five minutes you save will really add up. Over the course of a year you’d save 16 hours of time and around 10 gallons of fuel!

Service Regularly to Avoid Faults 

Run Your Fleet has negotiated special rates at service centres nationwide so it’s easy for our customers to get the best performance out of their cars. If you service your vehicles regularly not only will you face fewer unexpected breakdowns but you’ll get the best environmental performance from your vehicles. This will save you money (even wrongly inflated tires can add hundreds of pounds to a car’s annual running costs) and ensure that your fleet does as little damage to the environment as possible.

Switch to Lower Emission Vehicles

Low emission vehicles used to only exist in the supermini and compact car categories but you’ll now find eco friendly cars throughout most manufacturers’ ranges and switching to one of these could bring many advantages. Not only will you spend less on fuel for each journey but it’s likely that your new vehicle will fit into a lower road tax band. Hybrids could make an excellent choice as could considering smaller engines for drivers who don’t require too much raw power.


Run Your fleet makes it easy for all our customers to follow these eco friendly driving tips by offering a wide range of vehicles and making it easy for fleet managers to track their usage through our dashboard monitoring system. With these tips and our services you’ll be well on your way to eco friendly driving in no time!


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